How to view a cast?

    Unprotected Cast
      Leave both the account name and password empty when you are logging in.

    Protected Cast
      If the cast has a password then simply get the password from the caster and enter the game with just the password for the cast. If there is a lock icon on cast list, it means there is a password to join the cast.
Commands for streamers
!cast on - enables the stream
!cast on [password] - sets a password on the stream
!cast off - disables the stream
!cast kick [name] - kick a spectator from your stream
!cast ban [name] - locks spectator IP from joining your stream
!cast unban [name] - removes banishment lock
!cast mute [name] - mutes selected spectator from chat
!cast unmute [name] - removes mute
!cast list - displays the amount and nicknames of current spectators
!cast help - displays all commands
Commands for viewers
/name - change your viewer name
/list - display all viewers
/help - display all commands

Cast list

Live Casts
Currently there are no active casts on World of Nostalgia!